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Affordable Housing Virtual Conversation – April 8th at 11 am PST

Tomorrow (April 8th) at 11 am PST, Geek Estate is conducting a virtual discussion on affordable housing — facilitated by Matt Hoffman at HousingTech Ventures. It is a discussion, not a webinar…. so limited to 15-20 participants. If you are a founder/operator working on a solution in the space, we have a couple open slots. There is an agenda outline included below to give you a better sense of what will be covered.

If interested in joining, please shoot me a note (drew at geekestatelabs dot com).

Market level considerations

  • Will rents be paid? If not, what are the implications? (forbearance; lease modifications; evictions)
  • Will mortgages be paid? If not, what are the implications? (forbearance/foreclosure)


What policy fixes will be short-term and what if any will be long-term?

How do we not waste this crisis to fix:

  • Zoning issues
  • NIMBY issues
  • Permitting issues
  • Other regulatory barriers

How do we not waste this crisis to get:

  • Cheaper capital for affordable housing
  • Funding for resident services


  • What operational solutions are now likely to be more palatable for landlords/portfolio owners?
  • Will banks, insurance companies, and appraisers change underwriting criteria?
  • What tenant services are landlords likely to eliminate or want to adopt?
  • How can landlords/portfolio owners operate more virtually?
  • How do you get people’s attention in a time of crisis to try your service/solution?

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