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Becoming an Angel Investor for the First Time

I’ve invested a significant amount of my personal capital (all of it..) into my own startups. But, never someone else’s company. Until a couple of months, that is.

I’m excited to announce I’m an angel investor in Resident Ventures, a company that hosts bespoke culinary experiences in unique, residential spaces.

The back story: At CREtech New York last year, I met Brian Mommsen, the founder, and was instantly drawn to the blend of community, real estate, and hospitality — the three things I’ve spent my 15-year professional career obsessed with. It just so happened that the GEM was an enterprise community that could benefit from a next-gen networking experience. So, I proceeded to become a customer of theirs to produce a founders VIP dinner in NYC at the end of January. I was so blown away with the food + experience and raving feedback by attendees that not only is there another GEM founders dinner in the books (NYC Feb 2021, here we come)…. but I went on to make my very first angel investment in the company.

Further thoughts on Resident’s concept can be found here.

If you’re interested in reviewing the deck and/or discussing further, the round is still open. Looking for strategic real estate asset owners to participate, and/or anyone with a passion for food, hospitality, community & real estate.

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