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Home Projects That Pay Off When It’s Time to Sell

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Photo Credit: Pexels

Making your home look its absolute best before you put it on the market is always a wise call. After all, the more attractive your property is, the more likely you are to catch buyers’ attention, and the more offers you’ll have to choose from. However, many homeowners aren’t sure which projects are — and aren’t — worth their time and money. After all, you don’t want to put a big investment into a renovation that won’t affect your bottom line.

RealProTour offers a look at how to figure out which project will provide a solid return on investment. This way, you can go into your pre-sale renovation stage with confidence that your hard work will be well worth it:

The Basics

Go into your home sale fully informed in order to create a solid plan:

  • Meet with an experienced and dedicated real estate professional to get the best market insight and connections. Sites like Zillow and Trulia make it easy to find a nearby agent.
  • Look into calculating your home’s value to figure out your home equity and potential profit.
  • Consider getting a pre-listing home inspection to identify any major issues you’ll need to address or otherwise factor into your sale plan.

Aesthetic Boosts

Is your space drab? These ideas can liven it up:

  • Consider buying or renting staging decor to give your space an attractive, neutral look.
  • Create an accent wall with a bright color or a patterned wallpaper that can be printed on-demand and easily installed (and removed, if needed).
  • Adding plants — real or fake — can make your space look much more inviting.

Fixing Issues

These problems can prevent your home from selling at all:

  • Replace or repair obvious issues, such as cracked or broken windows.
  • If you haven’t replaced the roof in more than a decade, it may be worth speaking to a roofer to see if it’s time.
  • Finally, you must address or disclose any major safety issues in your home before you can sell.
  • If you anticipate push back from buyers over moderate issues, talk to your agent, and then do your homework so you know how to negotiate appropriate repairs.

Making sure your home is at its best when you put it on the market can save you a lot of trouble. After all, the more buyers you can get to tour and fall in love with your home, the faster you’ll have an offer worth accepting. We hope this guide helps you figure out the most worthwhile projects for your home sale!