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Redecorating Your Home to Better Suit Your Life

Image via Pexels

Having a home that meets your exact needs is essential, allowing you to live a more comfortable and efficient life. If your current house or apartment isn’t quite right, some simple adjustments could be all it takes to improve your space. Presented by Real Pro Tour, here are some tips for redecorating your home to better suit your life, based on a handful of situations.

Needing a Better Workspace

If you’re part of the 45 percent of full-time employed Americans working from home some or all of the time, having a functional workspace is essential. Often, a separate home office is an ideal option. Along with maintaining a quiet area for work, it ensures that your professional life doesn’t spill into your personal spaces.

As you put together your office, set the desk in a spot where you can fully view the room and can see the door without being directly in line with it. That way, you’re in a command position, making you feel more comfortable.

Adding plants can also be a wise move. It gives the space a sense of life and a hint of color. If you want lower maintenance options, consider the following:

If you have a couch or chair that’s damaged that you wish you could place in your office, you do have options. By contacting furniture upholstery services, you can have the issue addressed. Typically, a large sofa costs between $1,200 and $3,500, though the exact price depends on the precise size, fabric choice, and other factors. Just make sure that you search online for “best upholstery near me” and then read online reviews before reaching out to discuss your needs and request a quote, ensuring you’re focused on quality providers.

However, if you don’t have a spare room to turn into an office, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an outstanding workspace. Turning a closet or pantry into a home office could be a solution. If that isn’t plausible, even getting an armory desk with doors you can close can create a sense of separation, ensuring your professional and personal lives can remain reasonably separate.

Preparing for Entertaining

If the ability to entertain is a priority, having extra surfaces and seating is necessary. When it comes to surfaces, one of the easiest ways to incorporate extras without overtaking your living spaces is with nesting tables. When not in use, the smaller tables in the set tuck under the larger ones. Then, when it’s time for a gathering, you bring out the tables you need and position them in the room.

You could also choose drop-leaf side tables and a butterfly leaf dining table. These options expand when you need more surfaces, allowing you to accommodate guests’ needs more easily.

Another versatile option is setting a bar-height sofa table behind a couch. Alone with providing more surface area, you can place small, backless stools underneath, giving you extra seating for when guests visit. Folding or nesting chairs are similarly smart additions. Choose a set that fits nicely in a closet or under a bed, and you can put them away when the gathering is over.

Updating for Children

Updating your space with their safety in mind is crucial if you’ve recently welcomed a child into your life. You want to ensure that any possible hazards are addressed, allowing your home to be a functional, welcoming, and safe place for kids to roam.

Begin by looking at each room from a child’s eye level. Look at every item, cord, or cable that’s within grabbing reach and determine if removing it from the area is best. Along with taking breakable décor out of the places they can touch, you’ll want to scoop up items that might be swallowing risks. Finally, get plug covers for any outlets, making the room even safer.

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