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Smart Upgrades That Can Boost Your Real Estate Business

Image courtesy of Unsplash

The pandemic hit many small businesses right in the gut. But, things are starting to look up now, and we owe it to ourselves as real estate pros to get back into position for success. There are many upgrades you can make that will help you do just this, and RealProTour offers a few tips that can keep your income soaring for the long haul.


Hardware And Equipment


Your real estate company’s hardware plays a significant role in your success. Outdated equipment can make it more challenging for your employees to work efficiently. You can outsource tech gurus who can help you evaluate what you have, what you need, and what you can afford. These pros can help you overhaul your hardware so that you can operate at peak performance.


Your IT experts can also help you determine if all of your hardware and equipment is secure. Why is this important? Because everything in your office that has access to data may be at risk, including your printers, which have a short-term memory. This means that sensitive documents may be stored directly on the printer and might be accessible to the wrong people.


The biggest caveat right now to upgrading your computers and other software is price and potential delivery time. As ABC13 news reports, there continues to be a shortage of computer chips, and tech prices have jumped 25% or more


Marketing And Operations


As the world continues to struggle with living with the new coronavirus, your business will have to adapt. This means you may need to change the way you market and support your customers.


On the marketing front, it’s often helpful to revamp your brand. This gives your business a fresh new look and can also coincide with new products and services you plan to offer. It’s important to stay on top of social media marketing – including your website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – as this is how much of the world will become aware of your services or products. Easy online image resizers make it easy to keep consistency across platforms when posting updates on new listings. Fortunately, you don’t have to dabble in expensive software programs for this function; you can find a quick image resizer for free online.


You can also find and hire a communications media manager via online job platforms. A quick tip: read reviews and make sure that your chosen manager can deliver on time and within budget – Om Opportunity Marketing explains that you should always know your marketing budget.


Changing the way you operate is another effective strategy for helping to keep your business moving forward during turbulent times. To do this, you’ll have to adapt to both your customers and employees. A few ideas here include creating a more socially distanced physical experience or offering digital or no-touch options, notes McKinsey & Company. 


IT Infrastructure And Security


Finally, don’t forget to focus on your IT infrastructure and online security. While we’ve already touched on device security, you must also remember that threats can come from outside of your business. This is on a global scale. If you look at the British Assessment Bureau’s website, you can easily see that many of the biggest data breaches in that country’s history were carried out by cybercriminals, not necessarily careless or curious employees.


IT attacks may not be fully preventable, but when you partner with an IT security firm, you will have years of experience in cybersecurity compliance. This might include authentication and network security solutions and endpoint detection and response strategies. Your IT security experts can stop many threats and give you options to keep your data safe, secure, and accessible by only those that need it.


Ultimately, the changes you make to your real estate business today can boost you ahead of the competition. Whether this means upgrading hardware, changing the customer experience, or prioritizing cybersecurity, small steps will have a big impact. Don’t be afraid to adapt, because, as we’ve learned in recent years, the world can change in an instant.

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