Short form video is not an easy process. It seems simple when you just point your phones’ camera right at yourself and hit record but are you really finished when you hit the “stop” button?

There are processes that can make recording better. “What’s the lighting like, what’s the sound like, is this the best angle to shoot from?”, etc. If you have a process added to a system that can reproduce good quality, consistently, then you will get the results you want from your social media campaign.

However, posting with no plan, just to have “something” out there is not really going to help in the long run, in fact it might hurt. Viewers that see the same kind of content from “other” real estate agents are getting turned off by that type of marketing.

Standing out is what we are all about at RealProTour. Creative Consultants providing Next Level Service for Real Estate Professionals with a system in place to help you succeed.

This post was written by a human (obviously 🙄, lol).

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