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Tekashi69 Had His Cover Blown at This Unassuming New York Home

We know exactly which house many of you were hunting for this weekend.

Real estate sleuths across the country were busy looking for a very specific home on Long Island. Searches on the exact address of a modest four-bedroom home in Lido Beach, NY, zoomed into the tens of thousands.

And it wasn’t exactly to scope out the renovated four-bedroom home’s open floor plan.

Rather, it’s because it’s where felonious rapper Tekashi69 (whose real name is Daniel Hernandez) had his cover blown by a fellow social media aficionado.

Recently released from prison after serving nearly two years, Tekashi69 is said to require extreme protection after divulging the inner workings of an East Coast street gang known as the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

After his early release due to COVID-19 measures, the rapper was prepared to serve four months in home confinement wearing an ankle bracelet—proudly displayed in his new video for “Gooba.”

Ankle bracelet in "Gooba"
Ankle bracelet in “Gooba”


But shortly after the video dropped, the controversial rhymer, troll, and gang turncoat was spotted posing on an outdoor deck with stacks of cash. While someone enjoying the sun in this beachfront town usually wouldn’t draw a second glance from a nosy neighbor, Tekashi69 tends to attract attention because of his one-of-a-kind look.

Thanks to a widely shared clip, fans (and haters) were then able to deduce the rapper’s exact location.

The rapper’s multihued hair, distinctive tattoos, and penchant for colorful attire were the object of frequent discussion when he turned on his former gang in September 2019. Social media was abuzz last fall with speculation on where a famous person with such a unique look could possibly live inconspicuously.

As it turns out, the authorities put him up in a four-bedroom home in New York’s Nassau County. He didn’t have to go to Montana, Alaska, or even Point Roberts, WA. He wound up in a beachfront neighborhood about 30 miles from his stomping grounds of Bushwick in Brooklyn.

Why the authorities chose this house is a mystery. The nondescript exterior with gray paint contrasts starkly with the rainbow of colors adorning Tekashi69.

Built in 1971, the house recently had a drastic makeover. Images from when it was on the market in August 2013 show a shingled home with dated interiors straight out of the grandma playbook. At the time, it was listed for $748,000. It was sold in March 2014 for $500,000 after a series of price cuts.

Lido Beach house in 2013
Lido Beach house in 2013


The home was transformed with new hardwood floors, an open floor plan, and updated bathrooms. A pool was added out back, and the home was given a fresh coat of paint. It went back on the market in January 2016 for $1.5 million and was marketed as being “steps to beach!”

But the oceanfront home found no takers and eventually came off the market. Property records indicate the couple who bought it in 2014 and performed the renovations still own the home. An expired listing on Zumper stated the home was available for rent for $7,000 a month.

Lido Beach house in 2016
Lido Beach house in 2016


It’s unclear whether Tekashi69 is in a federal witness protection program or a program coordinated by New York state. In 2014, the fed budget for the program was pegged at $9.7 million, which means a monthly rent of $7,000 isn’t exactly out of the question.

Where Tekashi69 was whisked away by authorities over the weekend remains in question. What isn’t in doubt is that wherever he winds up, he will be spotted by someone.

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